Rewards Cards

Go ahead, REWARD yourself … and your loved ones!


Loyalty Cards

Want FREE bagels? Get a Between Rounds loyalty card today!

  • Every time you buy 12 bagels, we give you 15 bagels.
  • Once you buy 12 dozen bagels, the 13th dozen is FREE!
  • We keep track of this electronically, so you don’t have to.
  • You are ahead the second time you use it.
  • Cost of loyalty card is only $5 for one year.

Rewards Cards

Between Rounds rewards cards are perfect for sales reps or businesses that frequently place large orders!

  • Earn one (1) point for every dollar spent on food and beverages.
  • 500 points earns you a $15 store credit.

Gift Cards

Looking for a great gift for any occasion? Treat your loved ones to a Between Rounds gift card!

  • Works just like a debit card.
  • FREE in any dollar amount you choose starting at $10.
  • Perfect for birthdays, office gifts, a thank you, Christmas, Chanukah, or even as a way for you to carry less cash.
  • Gift cards are reloadable. You can add money to it anytime.
  • Gift cards do not expire.

Current Cardholders

Click here to check the balance on your card and to register your card should you lose it.


Where to get Cards

You can purchase cards at any Between Rounds location.