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Hey Kids! Welcome to Bagel Land!

Get A FREE Bagel With Your Choice of Cream Cheese?

Download or print one of 3 coloring pages. Color it and come back for a FREE bagel with your choice of cream cheese.

  • Have your parents help you download or print one of 3 coloring pages; Bagel BeachBagel Winter, or Bagel Land.
  • Return to Between Rounds Bagels and give the cashier your completed coloring page.
  • Make sure to add your name in the provided space.
  • You will receive a FREE bagel with your choice of cream cheese.
  • Your colored page will then be hung for all to see within our establishment.


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Something fun for everyone!

Want to pull out a bagel fact at a party to impress your friends or coworkers? Or perhaps you’d just like some insider secrets about how to keep your bagels Between Rounds fresh. Check out the fun stuff below, and drop us a line on our Facebook page to give us new ideas!

Bagel Fun Facts – Did you know…

  • …that bagels have their own day? February 9th is National Bagel Day – did you do anything special to celebrate?
  • …that millions of bagels are consumed every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Can you name the best bagel? (hint: It’s Between Rounds Bagels – according to us. What can we say? We’re partial!) Did you get it right?
  • …that eating poppy seed bagels can lead to a false-positive drug test result?
  • …that if your baby is teething, frozen bagel sticks are an excellent (and delicious) way to make baby’s gums feel SO much better.

Bagel Handling Suggestions

  • If you’re saving your bagels for a couple of days, store them in a plastic bag on your counter at room temperature (we’ll give you one!). DO NOT store in a paper bag — they’ll get stale!
  • If not consuming your bagels in a day or two, then FREEZE them. Use the plastic freezer bag we give you and place them in the freezer as soon as possible – remember if you wait a few days and put stale bagels in the freezer, they will still be stale when you take them out of the freezer. (HINT: To avoid injury, DO NOT try to cut a frozen bagel. Preslice them prior to freezing and they will be toaster ready right from the freezer.)
  • Never cut a bagel while holding it in your hand! Hold the bagel down with the open palm of your hand and slice the bagel horizontally using a serrated knife. Better yet, purchase a bagel slicer! They can be a bit pricey, but much less expensive than an emergency room visit!