Wholesale Purchasing Opportunities

Only the best bagels for your customers!

Since the beginning, brothers Jerry and Joseph Puiia have manufactured and sold their own bagels, a hallmark that really sets Between Rounds apart from other cafés.

Wholesale Bagel Supplier

The popularity of Between Rounds delicious signature bagels inspired the Puiias to strike up wholesale partnerships with independent, family-owned, and multi-location grocery retailers, innovative dairy delivery services (such as The Modern Milkman), hospitality groups, and others in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Between Rounds signature bagels:

  • are absolutely delicious
  • are consistent (and made from the same family recipe for over 30 years now)
  • meet our wholesale partners’ high-quality standards
  • are locally-produced at our state-of-the-art South Windsor, CT headquarters
  • are delivered fully baked, frozen and ready to thaw, so no additional labor is required of our wholesale partners

Interested in offering fresh-baked, local products that are a pantry staple to many?

Become a Between Rounds Bagel wholesale partner. Contact Jerry Puiia at (860) 291-8780.

Wholesale Prepared Sandwiches

Between Rounds is also licensed to manufacture prepared foods, and wholesales their breakfast and lunch sandwiches to gas station convenience stores in Hartford County, CT and beyond.

For more information about Between Rounds’ unique Breakfast and Lunch Sandwich wholesale options, contact Jerry Puiia at (860) 291-8780.