Why You Should Consider a Second Career as a Franchisee

Why You Should Consider a Second Career as a Franchisee

People used to stay in one job for their entire working lives, but that is no longer the case. Many workers have had several jobs over the years. People change jobs to explore new opportunities or sometimes because they get laid off.

If you have decided that you would like to embark on a new career, either because you are nearing retirement age, you got laid off, or you would just like a change, franchising is an excellent career choice. It offers you the satisfaction of owning your own business along with the benefits that come from working with a company that already has a successful product and a proven business model.

Your Years of Work Experience Can Help You Succeed as a Franchisee

Older adults who have decades of business experience are often successful in their new careers as franchisees. After years of working in other roles, they have learned how to deal with customers, handle paperwork, manage finances, and do many of the other things that are essential to have a successful franchise.

Good Credit and Savings Can Help You Open a Franchise

Older franchisees often have an advantage because they tend to have good credit. After having several accounts and paying their bills on time over the years, older franchisees can often secure loans at good interest rates. They may also have retirement accounts that they can tap into to finance the opening of a new franchise.

Owning a Franchise Can Improve Work-Life Balance

Many people consider changing careers to achieve a better work-life balance. Opening a franchise can offer you the opportunity to make your own hours. Once things are up and running smoothly, you can delegate some day-to-day tasks to your employees and work the number of hours you want while spending time with your family and pursuing your hobbies.

Opening a Franchise Is Easier Than Starting a New Business

It is much easier to open a franchise than to start a new business from scratch. You won’t need to develop a product, create a business model, and market your idea to customers because that has already been done for you. Opening a franchise still requires work, but you will be up and running faster than you would if you were starting a brand-new company.

Explore Franchising Opportunities with Between Rounds

Between Rounds is a chain of successful bagel shops with locations all over Connecticut. If you are considering a career move, opening a franchise can allow you to have the flexibility of being your own boss and setting your own hours. You can have you own successful business without all of the legwork that would be required if you wanted to start from scratch. The team at Between Rounds can work with you to help you succeed. If you are interested in a second career as a franchisee, contact Between Rounds today to learn more.

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