Using Social Media to Promote Your Franchise

Using Social Media to Promote Your Franchise

If you own a franchise, you have to pay your central offices a portion of your revenue for regional or nationwide advertising and may not have much money left for local promotions. With millions of people checking their Facebook accounts and Twitter feeds several times a day, you have valuable opportunities to promote your business to a wide audience inexpensively.

Here are some tips on how to use social media to promote your franchise:

  • Create a professional-looking Facebook page that gives important information about your business, such as your location, hours, products and services you offer, and any special promotions you are running. Avoid filling it with information that is not useful to potential customers.
  • Use apps that can make your Facebook page more interactive for your fans.
  • Have special giveaways, promotions, and contests exclusively for your Facebook fans. This will encourage people to like your page and continuously check back for new promotions. Be sure to read Facebook’s policy regarding contests.
  • People can find your Facebook page through search engines. Optimize your Facebook page for SEO by using good title tags, URLs, and content.
  • Measure and track interactions, such as the number of fans, Twitter followers, and comments you have.
  • Add a “Like” button to your website. This will help you get more traffic and can help people share your content, which could lead to it going viral.
  • Add a “Like” box to your franchise’s Facebook page. This will help you use traffic to your page to enhance your company’s presence online.
  • Use Facebook ads to promote your franchise. Advertising on Facebook is cheaper than Google AdWords and other types of ads.
  • If your franchise has a blog, integrate Facebook to make it easy for readers to post comments. Tweet links to encourage people to read and share it.
  • If you don’t have time to write a blog, you can tweet short messages about your business’s products, services, events, or promotions. You can also live-tweet about special events.
  • If your company uses several forms of social media, integrate them so that people can follow your business through all of those channels.
  • Follow people who are active in your industry on Facebook and Twitter. This will help you stay in the loop and know what your competitors are up to.
  • Monitor your company’s brand and presence online by conducting frequent Google searches to see where and how you are mentioned.

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