Tips for Hiring the Right Employees

Tips for Hiring the Right Employees

If you are planning to open a coffee shop or bakery or are expanding an existing business, hiring the right people is essential. In an industry where employees come face to face with the public, you must hire people who are positive, competent, and committed to providing the best customer service possible.

There are many qualities that a successful barista or counter person must have to succeed in a coffee shop or bakery.

What to expect of your new hire

  • It helps if that person genuinely likes and appreciates coffee and food
  • Is willing to learn about different products
  • And can talk about them enthusiastically
  • The right employee should have a friendly, upbeat attitude
  • Always strive to provide excellent service
  • Should be willing to learn new things
  • Be able to stay focused and positive even when he or she is tired or stressed out

Coffee shop or bakery employees should be creative and like to try new things. They should take responsibility and pride in their work.

Hire employees with flexible schedules

Coffee shops generally open early and stay open late, so you must hire employees with flexible schedules who can function well and be upbeat at any time of the day or night. Those people should also be able to stand and work efficiently for long periods of time.

One of the best ways to find new employees is to post a “Help Wanted” sign in your coffee shop or bakery. People who frequent your shop are obviously interested in coffee or food and might make good employees. Customers who enjoy visiting your business might tell their family or friends about the job opening. You can also post ads online or in local or student newspapers.

Find a good job application template, or create your own. You should ask about an applicant’s work history, references, salary expectations, and availability.

Interview the applicants who seem promising. Consider how friendly and presentable they seem, since that is how customers would judge them. Also consider their availability and salary expectations and whether they align with your needs and budget.

Check the applicants’ references. If an applicant does not have a job history or has not worked recently, ask for a personal reference.

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