Successfully Marketing a Franchise

Successfully Marketing a Franchise

Franchisors want to promote their brand on a national level, while franchisees want to draw in business for their local stores or restaurants. A successful marketing campaign should combine national, regional, and local efforts to promote the brand and draw in customers.

Franchise fees help fund marketing campaigns

Most franchisors collect fees from their franchisees that are pooled to fund national marketing campaigns. Payment of these fees is generally mandatory since all franchisees are expected to benefit from the advertising that the money is used to fund.

National franchise marketing plans typically include television and radio commercials, internet advertising, and email marketing campaigns built around the central brand. These campaigns are beneficial to franchisees because they provide forms of advertising that most individual franchisees would not be able to afford on their own.

Many franchisors allow their franchisees to participate in their own local marketing campaigns in addition to national efforts. These campaigns must meet standards and guidelines set by the national headquarters, which creates additional overhead and requires national/local coordination. While most franchisees see the value in local advertising, many do not feel that they receive enough local support from franchisors.

Franchisees can promote their businesses locally through a number of channels. They can create commercials to be broadcast on television or on the radio, launch email marketing campaigns, advertise online, use Twitter to gain followers, create Facebook pages, host events, and partner with other local businesses for special promotions.

A local marketing campaign should be tailored to the region in which the franchise operates. It should target a specific demographic while being consistent with the national brand. Some funding for local efforts should come from the national office, while other funds can come from the local franchisee’s budget.

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