Running a Catering Business

Running a Catering Business

Succeeding in catering takes a lot of dedication, creativity and drive. Many people have a passion for food but not the determination to make a business succeed. If you are interested in starting a catering business there are some things you should know ahead of time to ensure you make the right decisions from the beginning. At Between Rounds Bakery Sandwich Café we have successful franchises catering throughout Connecticut and we want to offer some tips that will help get you started.

  • Choose a Market – Trying to be everything to everyone is a recipe for failure. When it comes to catering it is important to target a market you are familiar with and understand. Weddings, private parties, corporate meetings and birthdays are a few of the markets you will want to consider for your focus. The wedding industry is big business and if you can get a foot in the door of your local market you can succeed rather quickly. However, there are caterers in every market and you won’t be alone so choose a niche that you feel comfortable in.
  • Get your Name out There – Opening a business is one thing, marketing it is another. You can’t expect calls to start rolling in just because you made a website live. It takes some time to build your name and reputation but in the meantime you need to advertise your brand to the market you have chosen. Attending trade shows, running ad campaigns on Facebook and maybe spending a little upfront for television ads are all ways to make people aware of your service. Many caterers build a network by referral so once you start catering events word of mouth will be of great value but until then budget to brand your business.
  • Be an Expert – Knowing everything there is to know about your brand of catering is a big help. If you choose wedding catering then spend your time learning all you can about weddings, bridal events and wedding vendors. Keep up on the latest trends and network with others in the industry who can give you valuable information. People will be coming to you for ideas and suggestions so if you want to be the source you better know your business.

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