Make your Convenience Store a Breakfast Stop

Make your Convenience Store a Breakfast Stop

If you own or operate a gas station you know how busy the mornings are. Many commuters are in a rush in the morning and stopping for gas is usually a top priority. However, when they do stop you should be taking advantage of the opportunity to offer commuters a lot more than just a fill up for their car. Most people leave the house without having breakfast, opting for a quick cup of coffee instead. But we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and when you add a bagel kiosk to your store front it will entice people to grab a quick bite.

Getting traffic to your bagel kiosk

Gas station stops get traffic throughout the day and when people stop they often take the chance to run into the convenience store to grab a drink, candy bar or newspaper. These quick stops are what keep workers going throughout the day. But when it comes to breakfast many people either forget or say they just don’t have the time. But when your store offers freshly made bagels with options for warm butter, tasty cream cheese and assorted flavored jellies it will be very hard for someone to pass on this breakfast treat.

At Between Rounds we know how successful a bagel kiosk can be. Our bakery sandwich cafes have become very popular in Connecticut and now we have several well known supermarkets carrying our bagels including Geissler’s and West Side Marketplace. Just think how much more business you can generate at your gas station convenience store when you offer freshly made bagels in the morning? If given the choice, most commuters will pass on the power bars, artificially powdered donuts and strange pastries in plastic and choose a healthy bagel instead.

If you are interested in converting your gas station or highway convenience store into a healthy breakfast stop, contact Between Rounds today. We have an experienced team of franchise experts who can consult with you and get you on the right track for greater profits.

Request Between Rounds franchise information or call us at our South Windsor headquarters at 860-291-0323.

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