Looking for a Great Lunch Spot in South Windsor? Try Between Rounds

Looking for a Great Lunch Spot in South Windsor? Try Between Rounds

Grabbing a bite to each for lunch should be easy. If you drive down any major roadway there are likely tons of options from pricey to fast food to choose from. But still, there are many times we find ourselves going back and forth with passengers in the car about where to stop for a bite to eat.

Even lunch breaks that are an hour long can go by quickly, so sit down restaurants are usually not a convenient option. And greasy fries and fast food can get old quick, not to mention how terrible they are for overall health.


It’s still possible to have a great bite to eat out for lunch and not break the bank, eat tons of empty calories, or run over on the clock for work. If you’re in South Windsor and looking for a great lunch spot check out Between Rounds.

Between Rounds is a Connecticut Bagels, Bakery, and Sandwich Café that offers healthy, fresh options and a welcoming atmosphere for families or for a casual business lunch.


Located at 19 John Fitch Boulevard, Route 5 in South Windsor, Between Rounds is a convenient location with hours of operation that will ensure you have breakfast, lunch and dinner covered if you need it.

What set’s Between Rounds apart are the homemade bagels and other delicious options guests can choose from including paninis, wraps, salads, baked good, lattes, espressos and so much more.

And if you really are tempted to get a peek at those emails while you’re on lunch, all locations offer free Wi-Fi for customers.


For a little background on the shop, it first opened in 199 as, “The Bagel Stop” owned by Jerry Puiia and was a take on the store his father and brother already owned in Hoboken, New Jersey. One year later, he teamed with his brother to open a second Bagel Stop in South Windsor, Connecticut.

Not close to South Windsor? No fear. Between Rounds also has locations in Vernon, Tolland and Manchester with more stores opening soon! Stop in today and see why your lunch plans just got easier.

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