How to Use Franchise Ownership to Build Equity

How to Use Franchise Ownership to Build Equity

You have no equity when you work for someone else. Your employer has the equity, and always will. When you own a business, you have a real chance at creating real equity. The more you grow the business, the better. You make more money, short-term, while setting things up to make more money, long-term.

As a franchise owner, you have an opportunity to build equity through the performance of the business, and you can profit from the sale of the business when the time is right. That’s equity. And you can only have it if you’re the owner of the franchise.

Now, what kinds of franchises promote equity the best? The Franchise King says the quick service restaurant sector is strong. Franchisees of single-units or multiple-unit owners can build equity. “Both types of franchisees have equity building businesses. They have a location, equipment and sales. Maybe a brand, too.”

These words could have been written about Between Rounds, a growing chain of café restaurants in central Connecticut featuring fresh homemade bagels. Started by two New York brothers who grew up with the world’s best bagels, they traveled to Connecticut and opened the first Between Rounds in 1990 in South Windsor.

Today there are three more cafés in Vernon Rockwell, Manchester, and Tolland, and the company is offering franchise opportunities to individuals who seek to build equity.

According to a Technomic study, bakery cafes are one of the fastest growing dining segments, with sales up 12 percent since 2008. And IBIS World says bagel shop revenue has increased over the past decade due to the growing popularity of fresh bagels. Between Rounds offers fresh bagels in a bakery café that has become a favorite in the four CT towns it serves.

If you’d like to use franchise ownership to build equity, join the team at Between Rounds. You will operate a locally-owned community gathering place that offers freshly made bagels and other baked goods and generates excellent unit financial performance with wholesale distribution opportunities.

Call the Between Rounds headquarters for more information at 860-291-0323.

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