How to Make Extra Money With Your Gas Station or Convenience Store

How to Make Extra Money With Your Gas Station or Convenience Store

Gas stations and convenience stores are retail locations that everyone must visit at some point. For some of us, maybe even several times a week. Whether we need to fill up our gas tanks or grab cigarettes or coffee to get us through the day, stopping at these locations is necessary.

For years, gas stations struggled with finding ways to get those pumping gas to come in and spend more. Especially with pay at the pump technology, it’s become even more pertinent to figure out ways to get customers through the door so they can see what else you have to offer besides just gas.  Here are ways to make extra money at your gas station or convenience store.


Marketing tactics are a great way to help turn customers into repeat business. You can use advertising on the pumps or digital signage for example, or offer a discount to those who come inside to pay instead of at the pump. That creates your chance to wow them and get them to stick around and buy something else.


Going on the idea that people are usually fueling up in the morning before they head to work or on their travels for the day, it’s important to consider serving coffee. Who can pass up a cup of coffee in the morning? And if they are already there to get gas, the added convenience is a win.

Not to mention, most people are also running out of the door in a rush and don’t have time to eat something in the morning, so they pick it up along the way. Why not make that be form you?

Make an Impression

If you’re looking to increase profits, keep thinking along these lines — do most people just have coffee in the morning? Or would they buy something to eat with it if it was easily in their line of sight as they made the purchase?

Consider offering bagels and breakfast sandwiches and transforming the atmosphere of your location so that people want to come in the morning, fill up their gas tanks and stop inside for coffee and breakfast before they take off for the day.  Take it a step further too and offer special incentives like free refills or other deals when customers purchase more items.

Think outside of the box if you want to increase profits and you’ll beat the competition and create a unique experience that keeps people coming back for more.

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