How to Decide Between Franchising and Starting an Independent Business

How to Decide Between Franchising and Starting an Independent Business

If you are looking for a career with more control over your job, you may want to start a small business. You must decide whether you want to buy a franchise or start your own independent company.

For starters, independent business owners can start a fresh operation with their own product line, whereas franchise owners sell products determined by the franchisor or parent company.

If you have a fantastic product idea, it may be best to start your own independent business, but franchisees have the security of knowing that the products they are selling are already successful. Franchise owners sacrifice independence in decision-making, but enjoy the security and stability of being part of a larger and successful organization.

When it comes to cost, independent business owners are likely to have higher startup costs, but they have more control over their investment decisions. If cash is tight, independent owners can delay remodeling or expanding, while franchise owners pay an initial fee to start the business and royalty fees on an ongoing basis.

When it comes to brand recognition, franchising has an advantage over independent businesses because the brand is already well known and successful locally and perhaps nationally.

Independent business owners have to go it alone, but get complete control, while franchisees get access to a successful business system with a business model that guarantees profit.

Jerry and Joe Puiia are independent business owners who developed their business into a franchise that has opportunities for new business owners today. The Puiias launched Between Rounds in 1990 and currently operate four upscale Between Round bagel cafes in central Connecticut.

They invite franchisees who want more control over their jobs but don’t want to start their own businesses to start a new Between Rounds franchise. For a franchise fee of under $500,000, you can start a Between Rounds bagel café, which offers a combination of breakfast restaurant, bakery café and sandwich shop that appeals to all markets and demographics, starting with fresh New York style bagels prepared in house and including pastries, panini sandwiches, salads and a wide range of fresh ground coffees and other beverages.

The Puiias will help you find the best location for your Between Rounds store and train you to operate it effectively, from hiring and training employees to accounting and bookkeeping.

They say you can be open soon after financing is arranged, so check with the company today for more information. Call 860-291-0323 and speak with the Puiias, who will provide more information about the business and help you to get started with a successful Between Rounds franchise.

Contact us today or call 860-291-8770 to learn more about our bakery sandwich cafes and what it takes to get started running your own.

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