Bagel Franchise Tips

Bagel Franchise Tips

If you love food, making people happy and being a successful business owner than running a Between Rounds bagel franchise may be your calling. Research indicates bakery cafes are one of the fastest growing dining segments and that bakery café sales have increased 12% since 2008, a time when other dining segments were in decline. Bagels in particular have enjoyed growing popularity and bagel shop industry revenue has steadily increased over the last decade. Now is a great time to start your own bagel franchise and with Between Rounds its easy and fun.

Is if the bagel business right for you?

The first thing you need to decide is if the bagel business is right for you. Bakery cafes are not like bars and restaurants and if you have never worked in a bakery café before you may want to consider some research first. You should also come with significant experience managing employees in a customer-focused environment. Most of the bagel franchise business runs around relationships and the bonds you form with your customers is what will ultimately decide how far you go. You’ll also be working closely with vendors and community leaders so being a hands-on owner is preferable to an absentee one.

In our experience we notice that franchises that are run by dedicated owners who put everything they have into succeeding tend to do best. Those who simply want to pass off responsibility to a manager or family member don’t last long. Don’t jump in just because of profits. Running a franchise takes focus and determination and the owner who is there to lead by example often finds himself with a dedicated staff and loyal customers.

Sitting back and waiting for customers to come to you often results in average sales. If you really want your bagel franchise to soar you need to be involved with the community and build a sustainable wholesale business in which you can cater to schools, businesses, convenience stores and hospitals. Negotiating for food contracts is a great way to brand the business and extend your reach. As a franchisee you need to actively promote your business 24/7 to stay ahead of competitors and realize your maximum potential.

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