Have Your Working Lunch Catered by Between Rounds

Have Your Working Lunch Catered by Between Rounds

working-lunch-catering-ctWork days can be busy, and it can sometimes be a challenge to find a time when everyone on a team can get together for a meeting. Sometimes the only time when everyone is free is at lunchtime. If you need to get a group of people together and you can’t find any other time that will work, you can schedule a working lunch.

If you want to have a working lunch, you will obviously need to provide food for everyone. You want to serve food that will taste good to make the meeting as pleasant and relaxed as possible.

Catering Options from Between Rounds

Between Rounds can provide catering for your working lunch. We have several tasty options that will satisfy a group of any size at a lunch meeting.

We can create a deli platter piled high with cold cuts, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mustard, mayonnaise, and your choice of bread, rolls, or bagels. The employees at your working lunch can put together their own sandwiches exactly how they like them.

If you would rather save time and have the sandwiches pre-made so that you can get right down to business, we can do that, too. Between Rounds can prepare a sandwich platter with assorted sandwiches cut in half. The sandwiches are wrapped and served with pickles and chips.

Another option is to order a giant party bagel sandwich. Between Rounds can make a sandwich with a 2-pound bagel with your choice of meats and cheese and bagel chips in the center. We can even create a custom shape or logo for your lunch meeting.

We can also serve a bowl of tossed salad or chicken Caesar salad or a bowl or platter of fresh seasonal fruit. You can finish off your lunch with a platter of cookies and brownies for dessert.

Contact Between Rounds to Place a Catering Order

A working lunch is sometimes necessary if it is the only way to get everyone together at the same time to discuss plans or proposals. If you are planning a working lunch, make it enjoyable for everyone with delicious food from Between Rounds. We have several locations across Connecticut. Contact us today to place your catering order.

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