Welcome Clients with Breakfast or Lunch from Between Rounds

Welcome Clients with Breakfast or Lunch from Between Rounds

client-meeting-catering-breakfast-lunchBusiness owners and employees spend a lot of time working on projects for clients and trying to stay in touch and keep them happy. Clients often visit a company to attend meetings, check on the status of a project, share information, and make sure things go smoothly. Face-to-face interaction is important to any business relationship.

If you are planning to invite clients to your company’s headquarters for a meeting or discussion, you want to make them feel welcome. You want everyone to feel relaxed so you can communicate openly and work constructively toward your common goals.

One of the easiest ways to put people at ease and establish a rapport is to serve a delicious meal. If you are planning a meeting with clients, you can serve a breakfast or lunch catered by Between Rounds.

Breakfast Catering from Between Rounds

If you are planning to host a meeting in the morning, Between Rounds can provide a delicious catered breakfast. We can create a breakfast platter filled with an assortment of mini danishes, mini bagels, and mini muffins served with our own cream cheese. We can also prepare a platter or bowl filled with an assortment of fresh seasonal fruit.

Between Rounds’ Lunch Menu

If you are planning your meeting with clients in the afternoon, Between Rounds can serve a delicious and satisfying lunch. We can prepare a deli platter with an assortment of cold cuts, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mustard, and mayonnaise and your choice of breads, bagels, or rolls so your guests can make their own sandwiches exactly how they like them.

Between Rounds can also make sandwiches in advance so you will be able to get right down to business. We can prepare a platter with assorted sandwiches cut in half and served with pickles and chips. We can also make a giant party bagel sandwich with a 2-pound bagel filled with meats, cheese, and garlic bagel chips in the center.

Place Your Catering Order Today

A meeting with clients is an important event that can help you work together to meet common goals and develop a strong and positive relationship. Put everyone at ease with a delicious breakfast or lunch catered by Between Rounds. Contact us today to place your catering order.

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