Planning a Class for Your Employees? Have It Catered by Between Rounds

Planning a Class for Your Employees? Have It Catered by Between Rounds

catering-for-company-classEmployees are best able to do their jobs when they are kept up to date on the latest technologies, best practices, and changes affecting their business. In order to keep employees well educated, many companies sponsor classes and seminars where employees can learn new skills that they can apply on the job.

If you are planning to host a class for employees, it could take up anywhere from a few hours to several days. In that case, your employees will get hungry at some point. You can make the class more pleasant and relaxed and give your employees the energy they need to stay focused if you serve tasty food.

Catering Options from Between Rounds

Between Rounds can provide catering for your class or training seminar. Our menu includes delicious breakfast foods for a morning session and lunch and dessert for a class held in the afternoon.

If your class is being held in the morning, Between Rounds can create a breakfast platter filled with mini danishes, mini bagels, and mini muffins served with our own cream cheese. We can also serve a platter or bowl of fresh seasonal fruits for breakfast.

If your class will be held in the afternoon, or if it is an all-day affair, we can also serve lunch. Between Rounds can put together a deli platter with a variety of cold cuts, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mustard, mayonnaise, and your choice of bagels, breads, and rolls so your employees can make their own sandwiches.

We can make sandwiches for your staff so they will have more time to focus on the class. We can create a sandwich platter with an assortment of sandwiches cut in half and served with pickles and chips. We can even create a giant party bagel sandwich with a 2-pound bagel filled with your choice of meats, cheese, and garlic bagel chips in the center.

Between Rounds can also serve fresh salads for lunch at your company’s class. We can make a bowl of tossed salad or chicken Caesar salad.

We can make delicious fresh desserts to serve for your employees who have a sweet tooth. We can create a cookie platter with an assortment of our fresh cookies or a dessert platter with an assortment of fresh cookies and brownies.

Have Your Company’s Class Catered by Between Rounds

Having tasty food is one way to make the experience of attending a class more enjoyable for your employees. Between Rounds has delicious catering options for both breakfast and lunch. Contact us today to place your order.

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