Planning a Breakfast Meeting in CT? Have It Catered by Between Rounds

Planning a Breakfast Meeting in CT? Have It Catered by Between Rounds

breakfast meeting cateringEmployees at large corporations often work long hours and frequently schedule meetings in the morning. If you are planning to get together with clients or to assemble your team to discuss a project early in the day, you can make the meeting more relaxed and enjoyable for everyone by having it catered with tasty foods from Between Rounds.

Between Rounds’ Breakfast Catering Menu

We can serve trays of delicious breakfast foods that your employees and clients will be sure to enjoy. We can create breakfast platters filled with many of our most popular menu items, including fresh mini bagels, mini muffins, and mini danishes. We will artfully arrange them on a platter and serve your bagels with our own cream cheese.

Many people like to eat fresh fruit for breakfast. Between Rounds can serve a variety of juicy seasonal fruit to your employees and guests. We can create a fresh fruit platter with a variety of fresh seasonal fruits or a fresh fruit bowl with an assortment of cut seasonal fruits.

Catering for Meetings of Any Size

Between Rounds can cater a corporate breakfast of any size. Whether you are planning to meet with a few people or several dozen, we can prepare enough platters, trays, and bowls of food to serve all of your guests.

We can even host your corporate breakfast meeting in one of our bagel shops. Our location in South Windsor, Connecticut has a private meeting room available for rental that can accommodate up to 20 people.

Contact Between Rounds Today to Place Your Order

If you are planning to host a meeting for your employees or clients in the morning, you can make it more enjoyable for everyone in attendance with delicious foods from Between Rounds. Having your breakfast meeting catered can help everyone relax and have the energy they need to focus on the business at hand and share ideas. Contact Between Rounds to place an order or to discuss renting our meeting room in South Windsor.

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