Need a Corporate Lunch Catered in CT? Get Between Rounds!

Need a Corporate Lunch Catered in CT? Get Between Rounds!

Cater your next business lunch in Connecticut with Between Rounds!Perhaps you have a client coming over that you’re looking to impress, or there’s a networking event for local professionals that you’re putting together. In both instances, there’s one factor you need to consider: How you’re going to feed everyone.

But, not all food is equal, and often at corporate functions, it feels like an afterthought: Some cheese cubes, a bit of fruit, or small, bland sandwiches. While everyone is there to talk business, having a decent meal makes it all the more memorable, so why not have Between Rounds cater your next function?

Large Amounts of Food

Our corporate catering services take into account your Connecticut event’s scope, with trays offering enough food for anywhere from eight to 24 people. On the lower end, we’ve got your afternoon client meeting covered, with something sweet or savory to tie everyone over. On the other, when you’re expecting a few hundred to show, a couple of platters is just enough for the crowd.

Small Platters to Start

Have a morning meeting planned or a presentation in the afternoon? When it’s you and just a few guests, impress with a small platter of bagels, sandwiches, or cookies.

Bigger Platters for Major Events

Sandwiches, deli cuts, bagels, and desserts all appeal to a large swath of the population, whether you’re hosting a breakfast meeting for a large group or have an afternoon or evening networking event planned. When you’re considering this bigger, more varied group, the key is finding something that appeals to all, while offering enough to keep everyone fed and focused. Between Rounds’ larger platters have this area covered.


Who only wants to be served one type of food? The beauty of our catering menu is the scope of meals offered. From large to small corporate events, begin with fruit and bagels for breakfast, and then, impress with a choice of sandwiches and cold cuts later in the day. The options range from standard favorites to a few more innovative delights.

Planning a corporate event in central or eastern Connecticut? Explore Between Rounds’ catering menu, and contact us to place your order.

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