Friday Morning Bagels Show Employees You Care

Friday Morning Bagels Show Employees You Care

Today’s workforce is plagued with high turnover rates, employees that are unsatisfied with working conditions and low team morale. To combat this, innovative businesses are investing in their culture and finding ways to get employees engaged and loyal.

Corporate wellness programs and employee appreciation tactics are becoming the focus. Oftentimes, if employees don’t feel like they are part of the bigger solution in the company, and only a wheel in the machine, it results in fast burnout.

As a company who understands that replacing employees costs more than keeping them, here are some retention tactics to consider.

Mutual Trust

You simply cannot motivate the workforce to become engaged or enthusiastic about the work they are doing without the feeling of mutual trust. No one likes to be micromanaged and noticing unfair treatment among staff will lower morale quickly.

Flexible Scheduling

As work places evolve and technologies advanced, it’s becoming possible for employees to get more work done, even if they aren’t in the office. No longer being tethered to a desk or waiting for someone to unlock a door to let them into the office is the reality today. If you want your employees to be satisfied, consider offering them the ability to get work done on the schedule that’s most productive and efficient for them.

Friday Morning Bagels

There’s probably no better a way to get people in a better mood than through their stomachs. Food has a wonderful effect on people’s attitudes and is a perfect opportunity to boost company morale and offer a chance for employees to socialize and strengthen their relationships.

Friday mornings are a great time to offer breakfast for the team. And what better food to offer than a platter of bagels and pastries for the team? Fresh bagels topped with choices of cream cheese, butter or jellies or filled with eggs, cheese, bacon or ham are always a hit. You can also offer fresh fruit or other desserts to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Between Rounds offers breakfast and lunch catering options for offices or, if you have a small team, you can stop by our location and pick up a few items for Friday morning. We look forward to serving you.

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