Catering a Summer Event in CT? Beat the Heat with Cold Cuts

Catering a Summer Event in CT? Beat the Heat with Cold Cuts

A plate of cold cuts.Planning a summer event has its challenges, none the least of which is selecting and preparing the food. You’re looking for something with minimal cooking, in addition to being appealing to a large group of people.

When it comes down to it, catering might be your best bet. It eliminates the cooking portion, first off, and the food already comes prepared. Secondly, for something to feed everyone, a caterer like Between Rounds can assemble a deli platter. Why have us put together a cold cuts or sandwich tray?

1. Food for Beating the Heat

This time of year, no one wants to load up on hot carbs, like a pasta tray, or select from multiple meats – it’s simply too heavy. Sandwiches are the paradigm warm-weather fare, and cold cut trays, complete with meats, cheese, condiments, and rolls, let your guests pick whatever they’d like.

Or, with Between Rounds’ pre-made sandwich trays, an array of already-prepared options are presented, along with a pickle and chips, and all your guests have to do is choose.

2. Your Meal, Your Way

Instead of having guests pick off pickles or sponge off the mayo, a deli platter lets them build whatever they want from the bread up. Between Rounds’ trays include all the standards for putting together a sandwich that could be as simple as salami on a roll, to multiple cold cuts, cheese, mustard, lettuce, and tomato on a bagel. While you get to pick out the bread beforehand, they’ll have a choice to make a meal without compromises.

3. Minimal Cleanup

With hot meals, sauces splatter, and pans need to be cleaned out. Sandwiches, assuming you have leftovers, can be taken home and put in the refrigerator to be eaten later, and, with just a bit of multi-purpose cleaner, the area can just be wiped down.

For catering your events, work with Between Rounds. Find a list of our deli and sandwich trays before placing an order.

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