Catering Office Breakfasts

Catering Office Breakfasts

BagelsIn corporate America many are familiar with catering for lunches and office parties but what about those early morning meetings when the boss is demanding his sales reports and you are barely awake? At Between Rounds we have a fantastic catering menu designed specifically for breakfast and with our delicious breakfast platter everyone on your staff will be ready to go when the meeting starts.

Our breakfast platter includes an assortment of mini Danishes, mini bagels and mini muffins decoratively arranged on a platter for easy transportation and serving. This platter also comes with our own cream cheese and can be accented with butter, jelly, cheese and other popular spreads.

Add our fresh fruit platter to create a healthy and colorful breakfast catering treat that will give your employees the energy they need to start the day right. We offer fresh seasonal fruit carefully arranged on a platter including melon, grapes, pineapple and strawberries.

Perk everyone up with our Joe to Go that provides the caffeine boost your staff will be looking for. One Joe to Go equates to 12 cups of our delicious coffee and comes with cups, creamers, sugar, stirrers and napkins. We also have a variety of regular, decaf and herbal teas to offer staff and alternative to coffee.

Get your morning meetings and conferences off to a fresh start with terrific breakfast platters catered by Between Rounds.

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