Between Rounds

New Grocers Carrying our Bagels!

At Between Rounds Bakery Sandwich Cafe we love it when people come into our stores. But we also enjoy it when grocery stores sign up to carry our delicious bagels. Over the years we've had outstanding relationships with several well-known grocers in Connecticut including Highland...


Are you ready for a Cragel?

Hybrids are popular these days. From cars and tablets to movie monsters and even bagels, our ever-curious nature has led to some pretty amazing combinations. Now, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn a bagel shop has perfected its own bagel creation: the bagel-croissant hybrid called the “Cragel”. “The Cragel...


Where Did the Bagel Come From?

We all love bagels. Cinnamon raisin, whole wheat, everything and poppy seed are just a few of the more popular bagel flavors you can find today, but when did people start baking and eating this great breakfast treat? Some folklore would have us believe that bagels...