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How to Make Onion Bagels

Onions bagels are a popular choice for breakfast. They are delicious with eggs, cheese, and ham, bacon, or sausage, or just toasted with a schmear of cream cheese. If you would like to have fresh homemade onion bagels on a weekend morning, try this recipe. Ingredients 2...


What Is the Difference between a Bagel and a Bialy?

Bagels are popular breakfast foods around the world. Many people enjoy eating a bagel with cream cheese or other toppings for breakfast every day. Some prefer the taste of a bialy, which is a variation on the traditional bagel with several important differences. Key Differences between...


How to Make Paleo Bagels

Many people have embraced a Paleo diet in an attempt to become healthier. The Paleo diet includes foods that early humans are believed to have eaten, such as meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables, and excludes dairy products, grain, and processed foods. If you want to try...


Is Lye Necessary to Make Bagels?

Professional bagel makers use scientific principles to get a crispy brown exterior that customers enjoy. One way that some bagel makers do that is by dipping uncooked bagels in a lye solution before cooking them. Lye, or sodium hydroxide, is sometimes used to make bagels because...


How to Make Mini Pizza Bagels

Pizza is a favorite snack for many people, but sometimes you don’t want to order a whole pizza just for yourself or you want a quick snack you can prepare at home. In that case, you can try pizza bagel bites. These mini pizzas are...