What is the Most Popular Bagel?

What is the Most Popular Bagel?

BagelsFinding the best bagel shop is almost as hard as guessing what the most popular bagel is. People who are passionate about bagels will certainly have a favorite bagel shop they swear is by far the best and will also have a favorite flavor.

It’s hard to convince a hard core New Yorker that not only does the rest of the country eat bagels but there are some pretty decent bagel shops with zip codes outside of Brooklyn. While New York will always argue their claim to the bagel capital of the world the range of bagel flavors has made the competition for most popular bagel more intense.

Every year different shops, food sites and media outlets will do fun polls that measure the public’s taste for specific foods. Bagels are routinely included in these annual food polls and though the ranks can fluctuate depending on where you are and who you ask you can always count on a few perennial contenders for most popular bagel:

– Plain
– Sesame
– Wheat
– Garlic
– Onion
– Cinnamon Raisin
– Everything
– Poppy Seed
– Egg
– Salt

Many bagel shops will have original takes on traditional bagel types but the above list is fairly standard with the mainstream taste for bagels. And while New York may have more votes for rye bagels you can probably expect people in California to prefer sundried tomato bagels. Finding the most popular bagel is almost impossible to tell. You can start with the most bagels produced per year but supply doesn’t always reflect demand and at any given time a different bagel flavor could be the top choice.
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