Vintage Video Shows Bagel Making in Brooklyn

Vintage Video Shows Bagel Making in Brooklyn

BagelsNew Yorkers are pretty defensive about certain foods. Pizza, pretzels and cheesecake are just a few of the food items that will stir up strong sentiments from those residing in any of the five boroughs.

However, if there is one food that New Yorkers really take to heart it is bagels.

Thanks to the Huffington Post you can now view a grainy old video from 1979 that shows the art of kneading, cutting, boiling and baking dough into the perfect bagel. The video has been restored by the Brooklyn Public Library and can be seen here.

During the video, a man with a thick Brooklyn accent explains the unique bond between New Yorkers and bagels:

“I guess everybody knows bagels and New York is just one of these things that go together. You go outside of New York a lot of places don’t even know what a bagel is. From what I understand, I think the reason for that is the water. New York, there’s something in the water that does it”.

One can only imagine what makes New York City water so special, but it is no secret now that what was once a New York specialty has gone nationwide as bagels are now enjoyed just about everywhere.

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