Snowman Bagel Recipe

Snowman Bagel Recipe

Snowman BagelsAre you in charge of providing food for a kid’s party or office holiday party? It can be hard coming up with new ideas for creative treats but at Between Rounds we have just the thing to brighten anyone’s morning: snowman bagels. Easy to make, fun to look at and great tasting, these mini bagel treats will fill your guests with delicious and healthy bagel snacks to get the party started the right way.

Everything you need is found at your local grocery store and the mini bagels can be bought from any local Between Rounds location. Here’s what you need:

–          1 dozen mini bagels (or more, depending on party size)

–          16 oz. whipped cream cheese

–          1 can large pitted black olives

–          24 baby carrots

First, cut the mini bagels in half and spread cream cheese on one side of each. Insert the baby carrots in the center to make the snowman’s nose. Chop the black pitted olive into small squares for the mouth and slightly larger squares for the eyes. Carefully arrange the olive pieces on the cream cheese spread to create the snowman face. Arrange the snowman bagels on a durable platter. Place a layer of tin foil or plastic wrap over the platter to keep fresh. Serve and enjoy!

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