Are you ready for a Cragel?

Are you ready for a Cragel?

CragelHybrids are popular these days. From cars and tablets to movie monsters and even bagels, our ever-curious nature has led to some pretty amazing combinations. Now, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn a bagel shop has perfected its own bagel creation: the bagel-croissant hybrid called the “Cragel”.

“The Cragel is the marriage of a croissant and a bagel,” says Ross Helrich, an assistant to the owner of The Bagel Store. “These are not your father’s bagels”.

The trick with the Cragel is baking it just right so it retains the flakiness of a croissant but can also be sliced without having it fall apart. The Bagel Store did many tests to get the recipe just right and now they have a creative bagel treat that can be used as a breakfast sandwich, served with jam or any other topping your desire.

The Cragel has a rich, buttery flavor and so far has been a hit with bagel-loving New Yorkers. The Bagel Shop is planning even more bagel hybrids, but for now the Cragel will have the spotlight. Future offerings may include a “Roses are Red” bagel made with real rose petals and a “Jameson Whiskey Bagel” for St. Patrick’s Day.

Being creative with bagels is becoming fierce competition as bagel store owners look for new recipes to lure customers. How popular the Cragel becomes remains to be seen, but it is definitely a sign of things to come.

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