NY Bagels in San Francisco

NY Bagels in San Francisco

Bagel LineWhen it comes to pizza and bagels, few places can top the delicious offerings that come from New York City. Manhattan and Brooklyn have become synonymous with bagels and the legend now spans across the country.

Recently in San Francisco a bakery called Dear Mom in the Mission District advertised day-old Russ & Daughters bagels from New York.

A crowd showed up in the pouring rain and many people waited up to two hours to get their hands on authentic New York bagels. Many went home empty handed since the supply ran out quick. This didn’t sit well with the Bay Area residents who took to the internet and social media to vent their frustrations. The backlash was enough to cause Eastside Bagels (Sonya Haines and Wes Rowe) to plan another New York bagel day in San Francisco.

Eastside Bagels decided to do it again on March 15th, this time coming prepared with 180 bagels. Among the flavors being flown overnight for the event include plain, everything, cracked pepper, scallion-garlic and olive. In order to speed thing along no sandwiches will be made this time. People can simply get their bagel and go.

There is a one bagel per person limit and the rules are first come, first served.

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