How Much Cream Cheese Should Be on a Bagel?

How Much Cream Cheese Should Be on a Bagel?

amount of cream cheese on bagelNew York is famous for its bagels, but there is something about the way they are served that annoys many New Yorkers. Bagel shops in the city often put enormous amounts of cream cheese on their bagels. Some bagel shops put up to ¼ pound of cream cheese on each bagel they serve. Some New Yorkers find that amount of cream cheese overwhelming and feel that it detracts from the taste of the bagel itself, and some are concerned about the number of calories, so they scrape off the excess.

The traditionally accepted amount of cream cheese that is appropriate for a bagel is a schmear. That is a relatively small amount that is just enough to enhance the flavor and texture of a bagel. The cream cheese is meant to complement the taste of the bagel, not to overpower it.

One reason bagel shop owners and employees put so much cream cheese on bagels is that they want their customers to feel that they are getting their money’s worth. Bagel shops charge extra to add cream cheese, and owners do not want their customers to feel that they are getting cheated. Their reasoning is that it is better to have customers leave the shop feeling that they got too much cream cheese than to feel that they didn’t get enough.

Some bagel shop owners do not seem to realize that many New Yorkers feel they are getting too much cream cheese. This could be because New Yorkers want to go with the flow and not make special requests that could slow down the service or annoy employees or fellow customers.

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