What is the Healthiest Bagel?

What is the Healthiest Bagel?

Bagels are the ultimate on-the-go breakfast food. In a fast paced world, many people stop and get a bagel on their way to work. If you are on a diet or just health conscious, bagels may not be something you want to eat every morning. It’s not that bagels are bad for you, they just come packed with carbohydrates. There are some bagels that are healthier than others and what you put on your bagel, or what you don’t, is just as important.

Choose Whole Grainsheatlhy bagels

If you want a bagel that will come packed with more vitamins, minerals, and fiber than a regular bagel you should choose one made from whole grains. Don’t be fooled by bagels that say “whole wheat”, unless it is made from 100 percent whole-wheat flour you will still be eating a standard processed-flour bagel.

Go for the Mini

One easy way to get the same great bagel taste you love with fewer carbohydrates is to get a mini bagel! It may seem too simple to work, but by literally getting a smaller bagel you will be eating healthier. By switching to mini bagels you could be saving yourself hundreds of calories a day!

Watch your Toppings

Sometimes the biggest culprit isn’t the bagel, it’s the toppings you put on it. When you start adding cream cheese, butter, and other toppings, you start adding on the calories too. Opt for other high protein, low-fat options instead.

There are healthy bagel options out there, you just have to seek them out. Be mindful of what you order and what you put on your bagel. Choosing mini bagels or low-fat toppings will allow you to still eat your favorite breakfast food without putting aside your healthy ways!

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