Granddaughter Creates Gluten-Free Bagels

Granddaughter Creates Gluten-Free Bagels

Between RoundsWhen Michelle MacDonald learned her grandfather was diagnosed with celiac disease she realized he would not be able to indulge in his favorite food: bagels. Though it took 15 tries, MacDonald finally came upon a recipe that would eliminate gluten from the bagel and still taste great. She named the product Sweet Note and in 2012 she took went wholesale with the bagels.

MacDonald added a partner, Brittany Nettles, and now the duo bake two days a week to fulfill orders totaling over 4,000 bagels per week. The timing was just right for MacDonald as more people are moving to gluten-free diets and looking for favorite foods that they can substitute. The team has already fielded requests for gluten-free scones, buns and soft-pretzels. Already Sweet Note is planning the launch of gluten-free bagel chips.

Currently Sweet Note serves Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia. After gaining over 50 clients in the second half of 2013, Sweet Note is looking to expand and hire full-time bakers so MacDonald and Nettles can build their client base. Look for gluten-free bagels at your favorite bagel shop.

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