Come to Between Rounds for National Bagel Day on February 9

Come to Between Rounds for National Bagel Day on February 9

This Thursday, February 9, is National Bagel Day, an unofficial holiday celebrated at the same time every year. Between Rounds invites you to come to the location closest to you and try one of our freshly baked bagels with the toppings of your choice.

Between Rounds bakes fresh bagels all day long in a variety of flavors. We can top your bagel with plain, low-fat, or flavored cream cheese; cheddar cheese; butter; margarine; jelly; or peanut butter. We can also make you a hot sandwich with eggs and your choice of toppings served on a fresh bagel.

History of the Bagel

Although there are conflicting accounts of their origins, it is believed that bagels were invented in Poland in the 17th century. They later spread throughout Europe and were introduced to the United States by Jewish immigrants. In the 1960s, bagel production became automated and frozen bagels began to be distributed. That led to an explosion in their popularity.

What Makes Bagels Unique?

Bagels are unique because of their shape and also because of the process used to make them. They are boiled before they are baked, which gives them their characteristic taste, chewy texture, and shine.

Types of Bagels

Bagels generally fall into two categories: New York and Montreal. New York bagels are made with salt and malt and boiled in water before they are baked. They are puffy and have small holes. Montreal bagels have malt and sugar, but no salt. They are boiled in water sweetened with honey and baked in a wood-fired oven. Montreal bagels are crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and sweeter and less dense than New York bagels.

Come to Between Rounds on National Bagel Day

Bagels are the perfect breakfast food to enjoy on any morning. Come to your local Between Rounds on Thursday, February 9 to celebrate National Bagel Day with one of our delicious freshly baked bagels. We can serve it with your topping of choice or make you a sandwich with your choice of fillings. Between Rounds has convenient locations in South Windsor, Vernon, Manchester, and Tolland, Connecticut. Stop in to celebrate National Bagel Day on February 9.

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