Artist Creates Bagel Sculptures for New York Parks

Artist Creates Bagel Sculptures for New York Parks

Everything bagels New York Hanna LidenNew Yorkers strolling along the Hudson River will see something unusual these days: two tall stacks of bagels. The breakfast foods are an installation called “Everything” created by Swedish artist Hanna Liden as an homage to New York. The installation includes plain, everything, sesame seed, and pumpernickel bagels.

Liden encountered her first bagel when she moved from Stockholm to New York in 1998. She said she used to eat a lot of bagels but rarely eats them anymore.

Liden considers bagels icons of urban living. She views them as a cultural and metaphorical symbol of New York. Liden says the endless circle of a bagel symbolizes the eternal cycle of city life. The black spray paint she used is a tribute to the darkness and grime of the city that she considers essential and beautiful.

“Everything” is sponsored by Kiehl’s and produced by the Art Production Fund. The sculptures will be on display at Hudson River Park from July 20 to October 20, 2015 and at Ruth Wittenberg Plaza from July 20 to August 24, 2015.

Like Liden’s photography and other sculptures, “Everything” is full of contradictions. It is beautiful, melancholy, fascinating, and mundane. She was inspired by both pop and punk artists and has developed her own unique style. Her goal is to be funny. This is the first chance for New Yorkers to see her art outside a gallery setting.

This is not the first time bagels have been turned into works of art. Liden created miniature bagel sculptures for the Art Production Fund gala in April. Multimedia artist Chloe Wise created tongue-in-cheek designer bags shaped and decorated like breakfast foods, including bagels. Some of them were displayed this year at NADA.

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