Artist Creates Bagel Purse

Artist Creates Bagel Purse

Bagel PurseNew York-based artist Chloe Wise has continued her tradition of creating handbags inspired by bread with her newest creation, a purse dubbed “Bagel No. 5” that resembles a sesame seed bagel filled with cream cheese. The purse is made from found hardware decorated with urethane and oil paint.

The bagel and cream cheese purse is made form found hardware decorated with urethane and oil paint. Actress India Menuez showed off the bag with a Chanel charm at the premiere of “No. 5 The film” by Baz Luhrmann.

Wise , a graduate of Concordia University, has also designed a Louis Vuitton baguette bag and a Prada challah tote. She said she creates her designs because bread symbolizes status and wealth. She points to the terms “breadwinner” and “dough,” which is used to refer to money, as evidence.

Others in the fashion industry have also drawn inspiration from food. Moschino created a collection based on a McDonald’s Happy Meal, and Chanel decorated a runway like a grocery store aisle.

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