5 Reasons to Take Your Dad to Between Rounds on Father’s Day

5 Reasons to Take Your Dad to Between Rounds on Father’s Day

A cartoon illustration of a man holding a heart-shaped balloon.Holidays that celebrate our parents are special ones. They offer us the chance to remember the hard work and dedication they put forward to raise us. Now that Mother’s Day has passed, you might be starting to think about how you’ll make Father’s Day a special one this year. While it’s not as easy as picking up some flowers and a card, there are some special things you can plan to make sure this Father’s Day is an exceptional one.

Make a list of some of Dad’s favorite things and plan something out of the ordinary for him. In addition to the activities for the day—you’ll want to think about food options too.

Here are 5 reasons to take your dad to Between Rounds Bakery Sandwich Café on Father’s Day.

  1. Because, bagels!

Who doesn’t love a perfectly crafted bagel that’s fresh and topped with something delicious. I don’t mean those tough, pre-packaged kind or where you have to go through a drive-thru and get it, but the kind that are made to sit down and really enjoy. But Between Rounds has so many other options apart from bagels too—from bread to sandwiches, croissants and even desserts to choose from.

  1. Beat the crowds

Between Rounds is a great option if you want to get an early start to the day and beat the crowds. And even if dad wants to sleep in on his day – you can still get a delightful breakfast sandwich, bagel, sandwich or a wrap at any time. Let us make it easy for you to stop for in for something delicious before you head out on your adventures for the day.

  1. Simple, classic choices

If dad’s a simply guy who loves a good sandwich and some chips, you’ll have to come to Between Rounds. We have the best, fresh, sliced Boar’s Head deli meats and fresh baked breads perfect for pairing as a sandwich of dad’s choice and they are served with chips and a pickle spear just like a sandwich should be!

  1. Healthy Options

Sometimes going to restaurants is difficult. Especially when you are not sure of all the ingredients being used to prepare the food or if you’re limited to the things you can order off the menu.. Between Rounds makes it easy because we serve healthy salads and soups if sandwiches aren’t your thing and we can help keep you on track with your diet. Or if you want to indulge in some treats – we have those too!

  1. Plan a picnic or outing and take your food to go

Between Rounds Bakery Sandwich Café has been in business for many years. We know how important it is to eat something good and still be on the move. Let us get you the food you need for the day together and packaged so you can have a great outing or picnic with your family. We also sell our deli meat by the pound and offer our fresh bread and bagel options if you’d like to spend time making the sandwiches together.

This Father’s Day, think about dad. If he’s the type that likes to lay on the couch for a Sunday game – let him. If he would rather spend a day out fishing – take him. It’s not about what others are doing when it comes to treating dad right for Father’s Day. Only you (and maybe mom can help) will know just the right thing to do.  We hope to see you at Between Rounds Bakery Sandwich Café!

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