Treat Your Coworkers to Lunch at Your Local Between Rounds

You probably spend a lot of time with your coworkers and may consider some of them good friends. Many people enjoy having lunch with their coworkers from time to time, or even every day. If you are looking for a new place to try for lunch and you would like to treat your coworkers, come to your local Between Rounds.

What Is on the Lunch Menu at Between Rounds?

Between Rounds has many delicious options on our lunch menu. We can make you a Wrap Around with a wrap filled with fresh Boar’s Head deli meat, cheese, and toppings. We offer many delicious combinations that will be sure to fill you up. We serve our Wrap Arounds with pickles and chips.

We can also make Well Rounded Sandwiches for you and your coworkers. We serve our sandwiches with ¼ pound of Boar’s Head deli meat, cheese, and the toppings of your choice. We can serve your sandwiches on our freshly made bread, rolls, or bagels.

Between Rounds has other lunch options for you and your coworkers. We can serve a cup or bowl of our soup of the day or one of several types of fresh salads. If you can’t decide on just one of our delicious options, you can have a combination meal with soup and a sandwich or soup and a salad.

Invite Your Coworkers to Lunch at Between Rounds

You spend a lot of time with your coworkers and have probably developed some close friendships. If you and your coworkers enjoy eating lunch together, you can treat them to a meal at your local Between Rounds. We offer many delicious options that are perfect for a quick lunch break.

Between Rounds has convenient locations all over Connecticut. We have bagel shops in South Windsor, Vernon, Manchester, and Tolland where you and your coworkers can stop in for a quick bite to eat on your lunch break. Get your coworkers together and treat them to lunch at your local Between Rounds today.

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