Tailgating Season Has Arrived in CT: Serve Fresh Options from Between Rounds


The weather is cooling in Connecticut, leaves are starting to fall and the winter sports season is about to begin. This time of year is also known for tailgating. Traditionally, tailgates are a party where food is grilled and alcohol is consumed in the parking lot of a sports event. Tailgating has grown in popularity as a way to just get together with other spectators or concert goers before an event for a fun time.

Today, tailgating parties have become more family-oriented and focus on bringing good food to share with others. If you’re attending a tailgate, and don’t have time to try and make a dip or other platter on your own, stop by Between Rounds Bagels for some fresh, delicious food choices everyone will appreciate.

Here are some top reasons to consider Between Rounds Bagels for your next tailgate.

Finger foods

Finger foods are a smart option at tailgates because they can be consumed with the least mess and extra utensils needed. Napkins that fly away in the wind, or plastic forks and knives that crack while trying to use them, only make the experience frustrating. Foods like bagels and or sandwiches can be easily picked up and eaten while on the go and are far more appetizing and appealing then just a bowl of dip and some chips.  At Between Rounds we have oven-fresh bagels, muffins, danishes, fresh bagel sticks, and so much more. You could even opt for a party platter from our catering menu to take the guess work out of ordering enough to go around.

Easy Clean Up

Not just keeping your hands clean, but bringing items from Between Rounds also makes clean up easy at the end of a tailgate. Turning off grills to let them cool, and collecting all of the uneaten food and other items you’ve set out adds a chore to what should be a fun experience. When you don’t need plates and forks to enjoy your food, or have to sit there and cook it on the spot, there’s far less to clean up to deal with as well.

Not Time or Weather Dependent

The great thing about picking up some fresh, delicious food from Between Rounds to bring along to a tailgate is that it won’t matter what time of day you’ll be out there, or what the weather is like. Since you’re not needing to use a grill, it won’t matter if it’s raining and for early games with noon-time kick-offs, you can bring breakfast options everyone will appreciate.

Whatever sports team you’re heading out to cheer on or concert you’re attending, wow other tailgaters with new options they didn’t even consider possible.

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