Planning a Summer Play Date? Bring the Kids to Between Rounds for Lunch

Now that summer is here and kids are on break, they do not see their friends every day like they did during the school year. If your child misses his or her friends, you may be thinking about getting them together at your home for a play date. That can be an excellent way to allow your child to reconnect with friends so they can spend some time catching up and enjoying the free time they have this summer.

When kids are playing together for hours, they are bound to work up an appetite. If you are going to be too busy supervising the kids to prepare lunch for a crowd, you can pile everyone into your car and take them all to your local Between Rounds for a delicious and satisfying lunch.

Try Tasty Wrap Arounds at Between Rounds

Between Rounds has plenty of delicious options that the kids will love. We have several types of Wrap Arounds that we can make for your child and his or her friends. We fill our wraps with Boar’s Head meats, cheese, and toppings. We have all kinds of tasty combinations. At Between Rounds, we serve our Wrap Arounds with a pickle and potato chips.

Between Rounds Serves Well Rounded Sandwiches

You can also get Well Rounded Sandwiches at Between Rounds. We can make your sandwiches on your choice of bread, a roll, or a bagel. We make our sandwiches with ¼ pound of Boar’s Head meats, cheese, and toppings. We wrap our sandwiches to make them easy to eat and serve them with a pickle and potato chips.

Fresh Salads and Soups of the Day

The lunch menu at Between Rounds also includes freshly made salads and soups of the day. If your child and his or her friends cannot decide what they want for lunch, they can choose to mix and match a cup of soup and half a sandwich or soup and a salad.

Bring Your Child and His or Her Friends to Between Rounds

Inviting your child’s friends over for a play date is a great way to let them reconnect and enjoy their summer vacation. The kids are sure to become hungry if they are spending all day playing together. Take a break and take everyone to your local Between Rounds for a hearty and tasty lunch. We have locations in South Windsor, Vernon, Manchester, and Tolland, Connecticut, so there is sure to be one near you.

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