Have Your Family Member’s Retirement Party Catered by Between Rounds

After working hard for many years, older adults look forward to retiring and having some time to themselves. Retirement offers the opportunity to pursue hobbies, spend quality time with loved ones, and just relax. If your spouse or parent is planning to retire soon, you should celebrate this milestone. Invite family and friends to a […]

Planning an Anniversary Party? Have It Catered by Between Rounds

A wedding anniversary is something worth celebrating, especially if the couple have been together for a long time. If your parents, grandparents, or another couple in your life have an anniversary coming up and you want to throw them a casual party with all of their family and friends, you can have it catered by […]

Bring Your Kids to Between Rounds for Lunch This Weekend

If you have young kids, you probably spend a good amount of your weekend participating in all kinds of activities with them. Maybe you go to the park, sports practices and competitions, movies, bowling, or some of the many other activities that Connecticut has to offer for kids and their families. If you and your […]

If You Have to Go to Work Early, Stop at Between Rounds for Breakfast

Most people start their workday around 8 or 9 a.m., but some have to be at work even earlier. Maybe you have a typical schedule, but you have an early meeting coming up or you want to get to work early to work on a special project. Breakfast is important, especially if you are getting […]

Celebrate an Employee’s Birthday with a Party Catered by Between Rounds

A birthday is something to celebrate, and not just for kids. Adults like to have parties to mark their birthdays every year. Many workplaces have get-togethers to honor people celebrating birthdays and to foster a sense of camaraderie and team spirit. If you have an employee with a birthday coming up and you want to […]

Come to Between Rounds for National Bagel Day on February 9

This Thursday, February 9, is National Bagel Day, an unofficial holiday celebrated at the same time every year. Between Rounds invites you to come to the location closest to you and try one of our freshly baked bagels with the toppings of your choice. Between Rounds bakes fresh bagels all day long in a variety […]

If You Have to Work Late, Order Food from Between Rounds

Most people work during the day and then go home for dinner in the evening, but sometimes it is necessary to work late. If you and your coworkers are finishing up a special project or if an unexpected problem arises, you may need to stay at the office and work some overtime. If everybody needs […]

Take a Break from Running Errands to Have Breakfast or Lunch at Between Rounds

If you have a day filled with running errands, you may spend several hours driving from place to place. You may need to leave home early in the morning and may not have time to eat breakfast first, or you may be far from home at lunchtime when you start feeling hungry. If you are […]

Have Your Engagement Party Catered by Between Rounds

Many couples get engaged over the holidays. A new engagement is an exciting event that people want to share with their family and friends. If you recently got engaged, you are probably thinking about throwing a party to celebrate. An engagement party doesn’t have to be a formal affair. If you and your future spouse […]

Celebrate National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day on Jan 14. with a Visit to Between Rounds

If you enjoy having a hot pastrami sandwich for lunch, there is a special day just for you. January 14 is National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day. You can come to your local Between Rounds and try a delicious pastrami sandwich on some of our freshly baked bread. How Is Pastrami Made? Pastrami is popular in […]