Do Halloween Breakfast Right with Between Rounds

Halloween pumpkins

In just a few days we’ll be flooded by ghouls and goblins running around to collect candy as part of the Halloween tradition. Not just children enjoy dressing up and celebrating this day however. Many offices will also host themed events for their employees to promote team building and offer up treats.

Instead of just providing candy, consider having bagels, wraps and sandwiches catered from Between Rounds to change things up and keep your guests happy. Allow us to explain.

Plenty of Candy at Home

For most of us, dipping into the Halloween candy stash may already be taking place. Over the next month or so we’ll also likely be raiding our children’s candy stash. Instead of eating more of the same old thing you’ve probably already been indulging on, a nutritious breakfast option that is much more filling and keeps you focused to still get work done after the get together is over, is a better choice.

Sugar Crash

Perhaps the worst thing about candy is the crash that comes along after you eat it. First there is a rush of energy and satisfaction but soon after you feel tired and sleepiness sinks in – maybe even some tooth pain. How can employees continue working under those conditions? The answer is easy: They won’t. That means productivity losses your company probably can’t afford to take.

platter of bagel sandwichesOptions

People like options. While a spread of candy bowls is certainly great for the Halloween occasion, there may be people no longer interested in chewing on hard and sticky candies as a treat. Rather some cookies, danishes and brownies that go well with a cup of coffee and chit chat may be more appropriate.

Between Rounds offers catering platter options from breakfast pastry to fresh fruit, deli sandwiches and more. Delivery and corporate accounts are also available. If you’d rather come down and choose an assortment to serve for Halloween, we have locations in South Windsor, Vernon, Manchester, and Tolland, stop in and check it out.


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