Come to Between Rounds Today to Celebrate National Bagelfest Day

National Bagelfest Day is celebrated every year on July 26. This is a day when people enjoy eating bagels in their favorite flavors with a wide range of toppings. Between Rounds invites you to come to the location closest to you today to enjoy a delicious, freshly baked bagel for National Bagelfest Day.

Freshly Made Bagels and Toppings at Between Rounds

Between Rounds serves many flavors of delicious, freshly baked bagels. You can have a bagel or bagel stick with your choice of plain or flavored cream cheese, cheddar cheese, butter, margarine, peanut butter, or jelly.

If you would like a sandwich for breakfast, we can make you a Morning Rounder at Between Rounds. We can top a bagel with eggs and cheese and your choice of bacon, ham, or sausage.

If you decide that you would like to come to Between Rounds at lunchtime, we can make you a Well Rounded Sandwich. We can pile ¼ pound of Boar’s Head meat, cheese, and toppings on one of our fresh bagels.

Brief History of Bagels

Bagels originally became popular in the United States when they were introduced to New York City by Polish-Jewish immigrants. The production of bagels in the city was controlled for many years by the Bagel Bakers Local 338, which was founded in 1907 and was known as the International Beigel Bakers’ Union.

Bagels were made by hand until Daniel Thompson invented the bagel machine in the 1960s. After automated production began to be widely used, bagels became more popular. Bagels also began to be frozen and sold in stores.

Come to Your Local Between Rounds for National Bagelfest Day

The bagel is a delicious food that can be enjoyed on any day of the year. Today, National Bagelfest Day, is the perfect time to enjoy a bagel that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with your choice of toppings. Between Rounds has convenient locations in South Windsor, Vernon, Manchester, and Tolland, Connecticut. Come to your local Between Rounds today and enjoy one of our tasty bagels for National Bagelfest Day.

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