Do Halloween Breakfast Right with Between Rounds

In just a few days we’ll be flooded by ghouls and goblins running around to collect candy as part of the Halloween tradition. Not just children enjoy dressing up and celebrating this day however. Many offices will also host themed events for their employees to promote team building and offer up treats. Instead of just […]

Friday Morning Bagels Show Employees You Care

Today’s workforce is plagued with high turnover rates, employees that are unsatisfied with working conditions and low team morale. To combat this, innovative businesses are investing in their culture and finding ways to get employees engaged and loyal. Corporate wellness programs and employee appreciation tactics are becoming the focus. Oftentimes, if employees don’t feel like […]

Office Holiday Events Happening Soon. Consider Between Rounds Catering

While it seems as though the leaves on the trees are just starting to change colors, believe it or not, we’ll soon be singing Christmas carols and wrapping gifts to exchange with family and friends. With less than 100 days until winter holidays happen, now’s a great time to start planning your office Christmas party […]

Treat Your Coworkers from out of Town to a Meal Catered by Between Rounds

Many large companies have multiple offices that can be spread out all over the country, or even around the world. Often people work with fellow employees in other offices and communicate on the phone or via email. Even though they work together often, people may rarely get the opportunity to meet face to face. If […]

Have Your Reunion with Old Friends Catered by Between Rounds

Getting together with old friends that you haven’t seen in years is exciting. It offers you an opportunity to reminisce about fun times you had together in the past, talk about things that have happened in your lives since you last saw each other, and make plans for the future. You want to be able […]

Have Your Back-to-School Party Catered by Between Rounds

August is here, which means that summer will be over soon and kids will be returning to school in a few short weeks. Some children are excited to spend more time with their friends and meet their new teachers, while others are disappointed that summer is ending. You can throw a party for your child […]

Have Your Child’s Summer Birthday Party Catered by Between Rounds

A birthday party is an exciting time for a child. Summer birthdays are even more fun because kids do not see their friends in school every day. When children get together for a summer birthday party, they have a lot of catching up to do and look forward to playing games and splashing around in […]

Honor Your Student Athletes with a Party Catered by Between Rounds

Students at schools all over Connecticut enjoy participating in team sports. If you coach a team of young people, you know how hard they work, often for several hours a day after school, plus games or other types of competitions. You should recognize all of their hard work by throwing a party at the end […]

Have Your Child’s Graduation Party Catered by Between Rounds

The school year is coming to an end, and many students all over Connecticut are going to be graduating from high school or college. This is an exciting time that only comes along once. If you have a child who is going to be graduating soon, you should throw a party to celebrate. You can […]

Planning a Casual Get-Together? Have It Catered by Between Rounds

If you have a group of people who meet in your home occasionally or on a regular basis, such as a social group, a book club, or a group of friends who get together every once in a while to watch movies or play board games, you will want to serve food so everyone can […]