Come to Between Rounds for a Hot Breakfast on a Cold Winter Morning

Breakfast is important on any morning to give you fuel to start your day. On a cold winter morning, you want a hot breakfast to warm you up. If you don’t have time to prepare yourself a hot breakfast at home before you head to work or school, you can stop in at your local […]

Come to Between Rounds for Breakfast or Lunch before Holiday Shopping

Now that Thanksgiving is over, people are focused on buying holiday gifts for family and friends. If you are planning to spend a day visiting several stores, you will need energy to get through the day. You can stop in at your local Between Rounds for a delicious breakfast before you head out or take […]

Try Seasonal Menu Items at Between Rounds in November and December

Between Rounds serves delicious freshly made bagels, sandwiches, wraps, salads, and desserts throughout the year. We also have some special items that we have added to our menu for the holiday season. These holiday menu items are only available for a limited time in November and December. Have a Holiday-Themed Breakfast at Between Rounds If […]

Stop at Between Rounds to Get Your Kids Breakfast before School

Getting your kids ready for school and dropping them off on time can make for a hectic morning. You want to make sure your kids eat breakfast so they have energy to focus on their schoolwork, but you may not have time to prepare something for them to eat at home. If your family is […]

Get Breakfast for You and Your Coworkers at Your Local Between Rounds

Making breakfast in the morning can be tough for people who have to get their kids off to school and get to work. This causes many people to skip the most important meal of the day, which can make them tired and unproductive at work. Eating breakfast can give people the fuel they need to […]

Stop at Between Rounds for Breakfast on Your Way to Work

If you have to be at work early in the morning, it can be a struggle to find time to make breakfast. You are probably rushed trying to get dressed, get your kids ready for school, and make it to work on time, and you might not have time to make yourself breakfast. Since breakfast […]

Come to Your Local Between Rounds for a Delicious Breakfast

If you are rushed in the morning or don’t feel like cooking on the weekend, there are many places where you can go for breakfast. If you haven’t checked out your local Between Rounds, stop in any morning of the week. We have a delicious menu of classic breakfast foods made fresh at our local […]

Between Rounds Can Cater Your Brunch in CT

A weekend brunch can be a great opportunity to gather family and friends and spend time together to celebrate a special event or just to relax and catch up. If you want to host a brunch and invite a large group of people, the thought of cooking for that many guests can feel overwhelming. You […]

What Is the Difference between a Bagel and a Bialy?

Bagels are popular breakfast foods around the world. Many people enjoy eating a bagel with cream cheese or other toppings for breakfast every day. Some prefer the taste of a bialy, which is a variation on the traditional bagel with several important differences. Key Differences between a Bagel and a Bialy It is easy to […]

How to Tell the Difference between Boiled and Steamed Bagels

Most bagel shop owners and people who make their own bagels at home follow the traditional process of boiling the bagels before putting them in the oven. This gives the bagels a crispy and shiny crust and a chewy interior. Some bagel shops break from tradition and steam their bagels instead of boiling before baking […]