Have Your Back-to-School Party Catered by Between Rounds

August is here, which means that summer will be over soon and kids will be returning to school in a few short weeks. Some children are excited to spend more time with their friends and meet their new teachers, while others are disappointed that summer is ending.

You can throw a party for your child to mark the end of the summer and the return to school. If your child is looking forward to going back to school, a party can be a way to celebrate the upcoming year and to look forward to all the things that may happen. If your child is not happy about returning to school, a party can make him or her feel better.

Catering Options for Your Back-to-School Party

Between Rounds has locations all over Connecticut. We can cater your back-to-school party with delicious foods that your family and your child’s friends will be sure to enjoy.

Sandwiches are the perfect foods for an end-of-summer party. Between Rounds can prepare a deli platter with assorted cold cuts, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mustard, mayonnaise, and your choice of bread, rolls, or bagels. All of the guests at your party will be able to make their own sandwiches exactly the way they like them.

If you would prefer to have the sandwiches made ahead of time, Between Rounds can do that, too. We can put together a sandwich platter with assorted sandwiches cut in half and served with pickles and chips.

Our giant party bagel sandwich is the perfect choice if you need to feed a crowd. We can bake a 2-pound bagel and fill it with your choice of meats and cheeses with garlic bagel chips in the center. We can even bake the bagel with a custom shape or logo to make your back-to-school party special.

Between Rounds also serves dessert. We can prepare a platter of freshly baked cookies or an assortment of cookies along with fresh fudge brownies for your end-of-summer party.

Have Your Party Catered by Between Rounds

The summer will be over soon, and your child will be heading back to school. Throwing a party is a great way to celebrate the end of summer and to make the transition back to school a smooth one. Between Rounds has delicious catering options that are perfect for a back-to-school party. Contact us today to place your catering order.

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